Unplugged live concerts in Cape Town goes online

Dear Music Lovers

I hope you are all keeping well and safe during these most interesting times.

We are all facing new and unique challenges, however this has also brought us all closer together – all around the world. Close to the heart of Unplugged, many musicians are facing dire consequences, having lost all sources of income – but across the internet there are zoom discussions and online support with creative and innovative ideas being shared on teaching methods and performance opportunities.  Some  have begun experimenting with online concerts, either free on Facebook or with tickets sold via Quicket and Webtickets –  and this will continue to grow in the weeks ahead. Fundraising initiatives will also be created. Currently most live events are restricted to solo performances. but there has already been some wonderful music pre-recorded and then edited together and this also has a way of unifying and inspiring people across all continents. We will keep you posted on all new innovations as they happen.

Meanwhile as you cannot visit the concert hall – we thought we can bring the virtual concert halls to you with some of the latest videos being released.

Firstly from our own Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra who are also doing their part and presented this lovely message with Berhard Gueller:


Pianist Christopher Duigan is hosting regular discussion sessions, concerts and request programmes with #don’tstopthemusic: https://www.musicrevival.co.za/#dont-stop-the-music-copy

Guitarist Derek Gripper held 3 concerts in 3 timezones last weekend and plans more online events soon. You can find him on Facebook and his website: https://www.derekgripper.com

Further afield- two artists who played in Cape Town during recent years have created some fun music sessions from their homes:  Pianist Daniel Ciobanu posted on Facebook a unique little contribution in his dressing gown:


and Daniel Röhn gave a charming little lesson on social distancing with the help of music from Don Giovanni- whilst playing in his pyjamas!


For more serious renditions – both musicians have a large selection of videos on their websites:
http://www.danielciobanu.com/new-gallery   and  http://www.danielroehn.com/watch/

Music agency.- Askonas Holt have put together a mix of some of the latest classical events online which you can find here: https://www.askonasholt.com/online-performances.

And for those who need to get away from their screens for a while, don’t forget Fine Music Radio has been classified as an essential service and are broadcasting daily to keep you company with 24 hours of classical and jazz on 101.3fm as well as DSTV channel 838 and streaming via their website http://www.fmr.co.za. Over the next couple of months, they will be replacing some of their Monday midday Cape Diary slots with a programme called Play on! featuring a mix of local artists who have been unable to perform during this time, keeping you updated on any virtual concerts as well as live performances once the current situation moves behind us. – artists this is your cue to send me all your deets ;o)

We hope these highlights keep the music alive for you so long.  The longer term consequences are still to be felt – not just infront of the stage but also by all the people working hard behind the scenes and front of house. The venues themselves are hard hit and we urge you to read a letter below from the director of the Baxter Theatre- Lara Foot with regards to a scheme that we can all be part of.

Lastly I wanted to give a shout out to Ladles of Love who are helping feed the homeless shelters and more – I discovered today they are also doing food deliveries for Capetonians as well as fundraising for their causes.. Give them a look up https://ladlesoflove.myshopify.com

Thank you for making dates with music online and keeping the arts in your hearts.

Kind regards