How to release your music in 2018 – R J Benjamin

RJ Benjamin’s Masterclass -“How to release YOUR music in 2018” is going to be nothing short of amazing.

RJ has worked with and produced for some of the top artists in SA including: Tamra Dey, Lira, Ziyon, Proverb to name but a few.

He also spent the better part of 2017 producing and writing songs with New York based and Grammy nominated Artist Jann Klose.

In the midst of all that RJ put out the album the 5th Story late last year.

Asked why do a masterclass RJ reply was quick and crisp: “If the older artists are not passing on Knowledge we have a problem. I have always loved teaching and sharing knowledge and attendees will have practical tools to use to bring their music to market in 2018 ”

Topics to be covered include :
Album, EP or Single
Physical vs Digital Distribution
What is an ISRC code
How do song writing splits work
How do you get big name artists like Ziyon to appear on the album
Session players and payment
Mixing and Mastering
CD Printing costs
Sampling radio
Turn up Music
Press releases
Q & A

Hope to see you all there!


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