Music as a subject Workbooks

Dear Music as a subject, Creative Arts and Music theory teachers,

I am happy to announce that I am busy working on NEW Music as a subject Workbooks (Gr 10 – 12), Creative Arts (Gr 6 – 9), Trinity College London and UNISA theory workbooks.

These workbooks are done on an annual basis, and are therefore up to date, and available on a “custom-made service” as well, catering for specific needs of schools, teachers and learners.  PDF format available as well for use on Ipad / Data projector.

Yearplanner is included as well as informal assessment tasks / tests where applicable etc.

For more info:

Youtube channel:  Click here for Youtube channel (including short videos of contents of some of the books)

Facebook:  Click here for Facebook page

Advantages of these workbooks :

Contents cover all aspects of the syllabus set out on a weekly basis.
Time efficient – not too many exercises.
Suitable for use in groups or individual lessons.
Includes Aural exercises and integration of Solfa Notation to writing of scales etc.

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