Kids’ Castle Preschool & Music Centre, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia – Music teacher

We are looking for a Music Teacher for our Preschool.  Saudi Arabia has recently started introducing music in all schools though it is still at the very beginning stages.  We are the first Preschool in Al Khobar as well as Saudi, which has formally added Music Development as part of our learning activities on a daily basis.


We follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  The Creative Art and Design development area incorporates Music Development and we have done Music Development training with a Music Development Consultant in the UK as part of our Continued Professional Development.


We have also set up a music centre at our Preschool and are looking for a newly qualified music teacher who would be able to:

  • Coordinate music development to ensure it is an integral part of the Preschool curriculum
  • Set up and enhance our Music Centre
  • Present music development/appreciation classes in groups as well as individualised lessons (piano, guitar, etc) for all students
  • Provide music appreciation lessons as well as individualised lessons during our after school activities programme
  • Support staff with curriculum development and differentiated activities to include all age groups
  • Present music training & development sessions for all staff


Our company offers a salary package ranging between 9 000 and 12 000 SAR (approx R35 000 to R47 000 based on today’s exchange rate) depending on the qualifications and experience of the candidate.  The package includes:

  • Housing allowance (single person)
  • Government regulated medical insurance
  • Return flight ticket once a year to South Africa
  • Visa and visa costs


Below is our academic calendar, we have our annual holiday in August of which 21 days are paid vacation days.  We also receive a full salary during any holiday periods e.g. Winter break.


Semesters From To Holidays From To
Sem 1 5 Sep 21 23 Dec 21 Winter break 24 Dec 21 8 Jan 22
Sem 2 9 Jan 22 31 Mar 22
Ramadan Club 3 Apr 22 21 Apr 22 EID Break 22 Apr 22 7 May 22
Sem 3 8 May 22 2 Jun 22
Summer Clubs 5 Jun 22 28 Jul 22 Summer Break 29 Jul 28 Aug


We are a small group of teachers (all ladies) consisting of 9 lead teachers, 5 teachers’ assistants, 7 student assistants and 5 administrative staff members.  We work closely together for example we do our weekly planning together and share ideas and activities.  We aim to inspire our students to explore, experience and grow within a safe and nurturing educational environment.  We value teamwork and commitment and a high standard of ethical conduct.


We have 3 groups (below) and limit our class numbers to between 10 and 14 students per class depending on the age group:


We work from Sunday to Thursday from 07:00 until 16:00.  Weekends are on Fridays and Saturdays.

AL KHOBAR and Saudi Arabia:

Saudi has changed significantly from the first time we stayed here in 2009. When we moved back in 2013 I could already see the difference and even more so after 8 years of being back in the Kingdom. The women are driving and we do not have to wear abayas (yet we are always mindful of local customs and cover when necessary).  There is very little one cannot find here, as a South African I have managed to find alternatives for the food items that we are missing and some of the supermarkets stock Robertsons spices and Jungle oats and we can even find Rooibos tea.  As always South Africans are very creative and enterprising, I buy the best boerewors right here in Saudi and we do not miss biltong, droe wors or a proper ‘garage pie’, a South African lady makes them to order including melktert and koesisters (Cape Malay version).  Since Covid started we are also visiting more places in Saudi and I can honestly say there are so much to see and explore.  It is quite difficult to explain but I can confirm that Saudi truly is my home away from home.

These links will provide you with some information about interesting places in and around Khobar:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards

Florina Froneman-Gerber