Kirsti Limbert – flautist

I have just completed my BMus performance degree in Flute and will be graduating Cum Laude in April this year. I have also recently played my LTCL exam in flute performance through Trinity College of London which I passed with distinction. As a musician, I have developed skills for working with others and as part of a team while playing in various orchestras and bands. It has also taught me to value commitment and I pride myself on my dedication and full commitment to any task, goal or job at hand. Another strength of mine is time management; I am determined to do my best in everything I do and so over the years I have learnt how to prioritise and allocate time in order to give sufficient attention to every task.

I have participated in numerous music and Orchestra courses including The Eastern Cape Youth Orchestral Experience, The South African National Youth Orchestra courses and Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival which I was able to attend again in July this year. Through these courses I have had the privilege of being mentored by professional musicians that are working across South Africa and internationally including members of the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Seattle Symphony and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam. I believe that each of these encounters has contributed to shaping me as a musician and the experience gained from them combined with the years of musical education I have received has equipped me
with the tools and knowledge needed for educating young musicians.

I have also had the opportunity to act as a tutorial leader at university for the last three
years which has given me experience in tutoring and teaching both music theory and aural; experience which I believe would be very valuable in teaching subject music should I find myself in that role.

Professionally I have had the privilege of playing second flute and piccolo for the Eastern Cape Philharmonic Orchestra for the last two years as well as teaching flute and creative arts at Pearson High School on a contract basis for the past six months.

I have a firm belief in the importance of music education as it is a vital stage in any young person’s life and the education they receive at this stage will pave the way for their future. The idea of being able to pass on the knowledge and information that I have gained in order to further grow young musicians is one that I find very exciting.

A curriculum vitae can be downloaded here: