New Music Resources web site

Trinity are excited to announce that their new Music Resources website is now live and ready for you to explore!  Trinity have brought together a range of digital support resources for teachers and students all in one place.

From videos and audio to handouts and booklets, and much more in between, the new website is the place to go to get support with music teaching and learning. You’ll find resources on a range of areas, including:

  • Pieces
  • Supporting tests
  • Technical work
  • Own composition

The website currently features resources for our three newly-refreshed syllabuses – Brass, Singing and Piano – as well as for preparing for Trinity music exams in general, with support for our other syllabuses coming soon.

Brass resources

Explore brand-new resources that support our Brass Syllabus 2019-2022, including:

  • A booklet of free sample pieces
  • A trumpet repertoire showcase video

Brass pathways videos and articles

Singing resources

Singing teachers will find a range of resources to use for their lessons, including:

  • Teaching vocal exercises videos
  • Advice on choosing repertoire
  • Singing improvisation videos

Piano resources

We’ve got lots to support piano teachers in helping their students develop, including:

  • Example improvisation tests
  • Videos exploring technical exercises
  • Own composition starter examples

General resources

Access a range of resources to support you with preparation for a Trinity grade or certificate music exam, including:

  • Example aural test videos
  • Improvisation test sample stimuli
  • Tips and ideas on own composition


New Brass syllabus from Trinity College London

Trinity College London’s Brass Syllabus 2019-2022 is now available. It includes refreshed performance repertoire at all levels, covering a wide range of styles and genres – from orchestral to jazz to brass band – and features a number of specially commissioned pieces by contemporary composers. For selected instruments, Initial exams and the option to choose duets at Initial to Grade 3 are now also available. The syllabus is available to download at now.

The syllabus is supported, for the first time, by a series of trumpet, cornet & flugelhorn exam repertoire books available for Initial to Grade 8. The books are accompanied by free downloadable recordings of all the pieces, played by eminent trumpet player Andrew Crowley, as well as piano playalongs.  See attachment for more details.

Francesca Christmas, Head of Academic Governance for Music at Trinity College London, said “Our graded Brass exams put performance first, and give learners the opportunity to gain recognition for their own unique skills as musicians. The new syllabus has been carefully designed to encourage learners to develop and demonstrate skills that are specific to their brass instrument, while the wide variety of pieces in our refreshed repertoire lists allows teachers and learners to explore the range of styles available to brass players. What’s more, we’re now giving teachers and learners extra support and advice on areas such as exam structure, repertoire, and brass styles and technique through the provision of a host of digital support materials including videos, articles, and printouts”.

For more information about the new syllabus visit

Trumpet, cornet & flugelhorm exam pieces 2019-2022 Trinity College London

You may download this brochure here:
New 2018 – Trumpet_Cornet_Flugelhorn_2019