Trinity Strings Syllabus 2020 onward

The new Strings Syllabus is now available!

 What’s new about the syllabus

  • Refreshed repertoire lists cover a wide range of genres and styles and include more pieces by female composers.
  • Duets may now be chosen from Initial to Grade 3 for all bowed strings.
  • New violin exam repertoire books are available for Initial to Grade 8, all accompanying audio is now available as a separate CD or as paid downloads from iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and Google Play.
  • Increased flexibility of repertoire choice with the removal of song groups at initial grade to Grade 5.
  • The option for violin players to perform one item from the traditional Scottish fiddle syllabus.
  • For Harp; new orchestral extracts option at grades 6-8 and new specimen sight reading tests.

Some practicalities

  • The new syllabus is valid from 1 January 2020 with a year overlap meaning the current one will remain valid until 31 December 2020. Please ensure the syllabus being used is indicated on the candidate’s appointment slip.
  • All technical work (except the Harp orchestral extracts) remains the same and supporting publications will continue to be valid.

Where to find out more