Trinity Top Achievers Western Cape – Rock & Pop 2021

Top Achievers Western Cape for 2021
Trinity Rock & Pop

Congratulations to the following candidates (and their teachers) who achieved 90% or more for their Trinity Practical Exams in the 2021 exam sessions!

CandidateApplicant / TeacherDigital Rock & PopMark
Rebeka La CockJanine VosVocals Grd 299
Emily MentorGenevieve WheatleyVocals Grd 396
Ashleigh StevensVanessa BrinkBass Grd 195
Grace Alex Op’t HofRohan SwanepoelGuitar Grd 195
Heidi BassonJanine VosVocals Grd 395
Rahul IyerKumar IyerDrums Grd 295
Zachary John GovenderRohan SwanepoelGuitar Grd 195