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 2018 is quickly drawing to an end. This is the time of year that planning for 2019 is done.

The December holiday is very short this year and we at Allmusic are doing our best to be prepared for the first few weeks of the New Year.

  • It will be to your advantage to send us an estimate of the number of books you might need for next year.  It does not need to be exact,  but it ensures your order is ready.

Allmusic will start online purchases from the beginning of January. We are working hard on upgrading our website and creating necessary systems.

Most of our clients love to browse through the material in our store, so nothing changes as we will still be at the same place in Brackenfell!

  • Con Spirito Philharmonic Society had wonderful memorable performances this year and our way of saying thank you is the Praise Song Festival this coming Friday evening, 26 October, in Brackenfell, and Saturday in Worcester. The organist for the evening is Erik Dippenaar. The flyer is attached.
  • Crescendo Summer Institute is scheduled to be held in Durbanville from 22 to 30 March 2019.

Good news for Woodwind and Brass instruments: 

Allmusic will be providing good quality oils for woodwinds and brass instruments at really good prices.

See For Sale section of for more information. Please place your requests for a quote per mail ( 

Piano Adventures

This piano tutor series remains very popular. We noticed that quite a few teachers do not use the theory books that come as part of this series. I assume it is because of the deep rooted analytical approach towards theory in our way of teaching and the emphasis on writing theory exams. The Piano Adventures theory books integrate the practical and theory aspects in a creative way which helps aids a deep understanding of harmony, sight reading and aural awareness. The concepts taught in the lesson books are reinforced in the theory books.

  • We had enquiries about the Piano Adventure’s combined beginners books and we will be bringing them in with our next order.  They are distributed in England and Australia exclusively and we now have permission to distribute them here as well.

Best practice in teaching music

Once again it seems that too many teachers do not follow the principle of teaching music only from originals. We had too many desperate parents calling because they did not have the original music for the exams. Although we could assist most of them,  there were those who needed music that we could not provide in time.

The best of good practices is to teach only from original copies and stop the unlawful practice of photo-copying.

Sale of books 

The year-long sale of music books of another store that closed down will come to an end soon.  Use the opportunity to enrich your teaching and add to your selection of music at prices that will never be available again.  There are of course the normal redundant exam books that we either sell of give away to clients.

Two Concert Grands pianos are available at really good prices.

Contact Lukas van der Walt (021 981 5551) for more information

Music is a language that binds us together with invisible fibers

Do not photocopy, for by NOT doing so, you create good music libraries that last a life time, and contribute towards sustaining the music publishers, composers and performers.

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