Crescendo Summer Institute 2020 – latest updates

crescendo summer institute poster

Crescendo Institute South Africa presents master classes by internationally renowned teachers from Czech Republic, France, Slovenia, Hungary and South Africa over two long weekends: from 24 to 27 April in Durbanville (Western Cape), and 30 April to 3 May in Pretoria. These three-and-a-half days institutes consist of:

  • Individual lessons (master classes) in piano, violin, viola and cello.
  • Choral and orchestral conducting course.
  • Teacher training in CAPS-music (Grades 1 to 9).
  • Opera singing and acting.

More information is in the CISA information flyer (see below) where you can click to view the CVs of the staff.

Apart from individual lessons, participants can join a chamber music group, participate in the inspiring daily Tune Ins, attend the staff concert, join student performances, and connect with other musicians from various walks of life.

  • Full attendance with hostel accommodation Durbanville: R2300; Pretoria: R2760.
  • Full attendance, own accommodation: R1200 (including lunch) and R1800 (including lunch and supper).
  • Attending one day only: R600 (including lunch) and R800 (including lunch and supper).

Visit our Facebook Page here. Apply online (click Application) and send proof of payment to

Some quotes from previous CISA’s: ‘I love the bonding aspect with people from other countries and being taught from a different perspective’. ‘It benefits everyone personally and professionally.’ ‘A wonderful event beyond my expectation.’ ‘CISA is educational, hard work, but most importantly fun.’

CISA is a sister festival of Crescendo Summer Institute Hungary which will celebrate its 17th Festival during the European Summer of 2020. The exciting programme CISA offers enhances reconciliation among people of various social backgrounds and strengthens inner faith.

For more information please download the Crescendo Summer Institute flyer here.