Kronendal Music Academy Appeal – The magic of music

In the poorest communities of South Africa, children are at their most vulnerable in the hours after school and before their parents return home from work. During these hours they are at critical risk of abuse, neglect and temptation to engage in damaging behaviours. Kronendal Music Academy offers a safe, nurturing and stimulating space for these children.

They are provided with safe transport, a nourishing meal and caring adult supervision while they are introduced to the magical world of music. Mastering a musical instrument is stimulating and learning to love music is healing for these children who come from, and live in, abject poverty and trauma.

Our  programme has won numerous awards, our teachers are some of the best in Cape Town and we offer tuition in an exciting range of 23 instruments. Our children grow in confidence as they regularly take turns to perform in small groups and on the big stage. Our funders recognise the impact and frequently invite our pupils to perform at festivals in South Africa and Europe.