Trinity wins BETT award for best educational app – PLAY TRINITY ROCK&POP app

I am delighted to let you know that we won the BETT (British Education Training and Technology) award for Best Educational App for our ‘PLAY ROCK & POP’ app at the annual award ceremony held in London last night. This is a huge achievement since the award has global recognition and the ceremony itself has a global attendance. Organisations such as Microsoft, Lego Education, Avantis, Adobe, Discovery Channel, BBC, RSC were also nominated for awards in different categories to give you an idea of the importance of these awards.

Award judges were the Daily Telegraph and the Minister of State for Education, Rt Hon Damian Hinds. Event sponsors included PWC, Times Educational Supplement.

Those responsible for the design and creation of the app include the following;

Julia, Ulrike, Carolyn, Tom, Stuart, James, Scott, Nathan, Pawel, Adrian, Clive and many more not highlighted here.

3Fire (Mark Flannery and Keith Webb) are our tech partner who developed and adapted the app for Trinity, and who continually support and upgrade the app.

On behalf of Trinity worldwide, please join me in thanking and congratulating our colleagues and 3Fire for this outstanding success!

I asked Fran Christmas ( Head of Academic Governance for Music) to write a short overview of the app for me to include in this mail, which follows below.

All best wishes,

Sarah Kemp, Chief Executive, Trinity College London.

From Fran, about PLAY TRINITY ROCK&POP app

It is a ‘music mixer’ app which separates out the various tracks within our R&P songs. You load a song into it, and then you can control each instrument on the ‘mixer’ dropping out instruments, turning the volume up etc. This is great if you want to play along with the band – for example, drop out the voice track on a Stevie Wonder song and sing along with his band! (all of our instruments are lived recorded, not midi instrumentation.) The lyrics scroll automatically on screen too.

In addition, you can loop sections of the song to rehearse certain passages, you can change the pitch to suit the range you want to sing/play in, you can adjust the tempo to practice something at a slower speed or pick the pace up a bit. You can also now record yourself singing/playing along with the music, which is wonderful for self-assessment, listening back to your own performance or even sharing your performance with someone.

All of our song book tracks are available to download in to the app at 99p each, or a few pounds for a bundle.

It’s a fantastic app with lots of purposes, including:

  • For a solo instrumentalists to rehearse with a ‘real band’
  • For a group of instruments to play along with other instruments they may not have (very common to find a band that doesn’t have a bass player for example!)
  • For those who love singing – it acts as a fabulous karaoke app
  • For learners who may not be learning formally and need something to help them with understanding how well they are playing, using the record function
  • For musicians looking to record a demo, drop out the relevant track and play along, then you have a very professional sounding recording of yourself.
  • For teachers looking to provide an authentic learning experience for their pupils

While there are some other apps which do a similar thing, nothing is as polished, comprehensive and reliable as ours. We update it with new features regularly and respond to requests from customers as useful ones come in.  The app is free and available on both iOs and Android platforms.

More information about the Trinity Rock&Pop app is available here: