Have you downloaded the free Play Trinity Rock & Pop App?

Have you downloaded the free Rock & Pop app?  This is really something worth having!

Master your performance with our new award-winning practice app
Be the artist and the producer. Mix your own performances with our professional session musicians using the app that allows you to adjust pitch, tempo and each individual instrumental track from the mixing desk. Record your own performances into the mix of your chosen songs and play them back. Buy and download all the songs for your instrument and grade directly to your phone, and practise sections or the whole song in a way that suits you.
The app puts a range of controls at your fingertips, allowing you to:

  • CONTROL THE MIX: isolate or adjust the volume of individual instruments
  • LOOP A SECTION: choose a section of the song to loop on repeat to practise challenging parts
  • ADJUST THE SPEED: slow the track down to learn at your own pace
  • CHANGE THE PITCH: sing in a key that suits your range
  • COME IN WITH A COUNT-IN: make sure you start promptly and at the right speed every time
  • KEEP PERFECT TIME: use click track to make sure you don’t miss a beat
  • FOLLOW THE LYRICS: have the song’s lyrics scroll as you play
  • NEW! RECORD & REVIEW: record your own performance into the mix and play it back to review

How to get started:
The award-winning Play Trinity Rock & Pop app is available to download via the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad and via the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets. The app is free to download and comes pre-loaded with one sample song, ‘Heartbreaker’ by Led Zeppelin, so you can try out the mixing desk and explore the features for free. Further songs are available as an in-app purchase of just £0.99 per song, or as a graded bundle of eight songs for £3.99, making them just £0.50 each. These songs are enhanced files, specially re-created for the app to allow separate playback of each instrument. Simply download the app, browse the Rock & Pop 2018 song lists, and choose the songs you want to purchase. Now you’re ready to start practising songs in the way that best suits you.

If you’ve got any questions, follow this link for app-support-faqs https://www.trinityrock.com/app-support-faqs