Hear from Professional Musicians about working in the music industry

Hear from professional musicians working in the industry about a range of topics.

PRACTICE: Watch the informative video presented by Talia and Will on the importance of practising.  – https://www.trinityrock.com/pro-skills-series-1-practice-0

GETTING A BAND TOGETHER: Professional musicians Talia Cohen and Will Franden give advice about how to get a band together, with helpful insight on how to meet other musicians, be confident in what you do, look for opportunities and how best to rehearse.   https://www.trinityrock.com/pro-skills-series-1-getting-band-together

CHOOSING YOUR MATERIAL: Talia and Will talk about how to choose your material, making helpful recommendations such as finding music that inspires and challenges you, and giving advice about how to keep improving as a musician, including considering playing in a function band to hone your skills.     https://www.trinityrock.com/pro-skills-series-1-choosing-your-material

IMPROVISING & SONGWRITING: Will and Talia give advice on how to improve your improvising skills through understanding how different musical elements work, practising improvising, and listening to lots of different music. They also look at how improvising feeds into songwriting and give tips on how to make songs your own and record your ideas.   https://www.trinityrock.com/pro-skills-series-1-improvising-songwriting

RECORDING: Talia Cohen and Will Franden talk about recording music, giving helpful insight on both recording at home and in the studio, and useful tips on how to get the best results. https://www.trinityrock.com/pro-skills-series-1-recording

THE GIG: Talia Cohen and Will Franden talk about how to get gigs, giving useful tips about approaching venues and other bands, being ambitious and passionate about your band and the music you’re making, and how to prepare for your gigs once you have them lined up.   https://www.trinityrock.com/pro-skills-series-1-gig