Teaching resources: Rock & Pop (#1)

Teaching Resources available to you:

Watch session musicians demonstrate skills and techniques assessed in a range of the Rock & Pop technical focus songs.

Let’s have a look at improvisation –

Watch the videos with session musicians for tips and ideas on how to improvise in a range of styles and genres.

BASS: See improvising demo videos for bass  https://www.trinityrock.com/improvising-demo-videos-bass
DRUMS: See improvising demo videos for drums  https://www.trinityrock.com/improvising-demo-videos-drums
GUITAR: See improvising demo videos for guitar  https://www.trinityrock.com/improvising-demo-videos-guitar
KEYBOARDS: See improvising demo videos for keyboards  https://www.trinityrock.com/improvising-demo-videos-keyboards
VOCALS: See improvising demo videos for vocals  https://www.trinityrock.com/improvising-demo-videos-vocals

Tips and ideas for teaching improvisation skills and described in the Tips for Teaching Improvising Skills document: Dowload here.